"The Storage Coroner" Paul Austin Ardoin

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I have been following Mr. Ardoin's Fenway Stevensons -Series since its beginning.

Now I was allowed to read the 9th book in advance.

The Coroner Fenway is now in a relationship with former Sheriff Craig McVie.

Craig is putting their relationship on hold because he believes that he has to support his seventeen year old daughter, which lives with her mother in another state.

Fenway is not happy, but feels, she has to support McVie in his decision. So she is helping him to pack up his household and put his things in storage.



While Fenway arranges the booking in a storage facility, she discovers a body and finds herself in the middle of her next murder investigation.

The plot is well defined, the characters are realistic and I really liked the way the story evolves.

I really can recommend the book and I am also quite looking forward to book 10.

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