The Christmas Coroner - Fenway Stevenson Mystery

Coverphoto by P. Ardoin
Coverphoto by P. Ardoin

The Christmas Coroner is one of Paul Austin Ardoins Fenway Stevenson Mysteries.

A young social media celebrity was killed, just days before the local Xmas parade, where she was supposed to co-host the TV covering.

On the private side Fenway struggles with her emotions because her boyfriend the former Sheriff, wants a closer relationship, but Fenway is rather shying away from more closeness.

I did enjoy the read and thank Mr. Ardoin for the free advance copy.

The emotional problems which Coroner Fenway is struggling with, due partially because she sees some parallels to the victim and partially because her father is still sick in hospital.

I liked how in the running of the story the murdered young woman first appears to be a “nice girl”, loved by her fans and supporters and it slowly turns out, she was a not so nice person, which bullied people to get what she wanted. This new aspect makes for a lot of potential murder suspects. But in the end, the motive for the murder and the murderer are quite surprising.

An enjoyable read from page one till the end.


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