Fenway Stevenson Mystery

Paul Austin Ardoin: The Coroner's Report: The Offside Coroner

Cover : Amazon
Cover : Amazon

 The Coroner‘s Report: The Offside Coroner




The latest Fenway is out. And I enjoyed reading it. This time Fenway has to look into the murder of the head coach of a female soccer team.


I did enjoy the read. Especially since in Europe Soccer is much more prevalent than football. And this year the Female Soccer was quite a lot in the Media. Therefore Paul Austin managed not only a very exciting read, but also one that is more than up to date. Some of the actual questions, that came up in the media are also mirroed in his book.


Paul Austin develops a plot, that has a lot of twists but stays always logical. Fenways personal history makes it difficult for her to stay objective, but she manages to solve the case in the end.


I like the end, since some things in Fenways private life is getting more complicated. I am looking forward to the next book.


I recommend this book as a good read for people who want some exercise for their brain and are enjoying real live stories.



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