Coming up Roses - Kim Watt

Dragons galore

copy: Kim Watt
copy: Kim Watt




I had the pleasure of receiving  a free advance copy of the newest Toot-Hansel adventures. Title: “Coming up Roses”


And I have to admit: I started reading and did not stop, till I had reached the last page.


A big “Thank you” to the author, Kim Watt.

What is it all about?


The Toot Hansel WI is worried about its oldest member Rose, who, even though a brilliant scientist, seems to be a bit more absent-minded, than is good at age 84. When a body is found in Rose's freezer, things become a bit complicated, what with former and present lovers quarrelling to the rescue, a nosy neighbor, the police, and… dragons.


What I liked, was that Mrs Watts did also touch on a real live problem: Dementia in old age. Where is the border between “a bit eccentric” and “certifiable”. When is it time to interfere? The fear of the person, when forgetfulness starts, and the fight to hide it.


But back to the fun-factor: I clearly can and will recommend this book.


Thank you for letting me read it in advance.







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